Linkatch is an innovative, secured cloud platform for candidate recruitment through online communities and other digital channels


How does Linkatch work?

Linkatch is a job posting and recruitment platform that works by evaluating each applicant’s professional experience.

Linkatch is also used for organizing employment fairs, meetups, and digital campaigns, as well as for initiating employee referral programs and tracking career development within an organization.


Do I need to register as a member?

Yes. There are multiple tracks available – and you need to choose the track that’s right for you.


Do I have to pay even if we didn't end up using the platform at all?

Yes. Payment is based on defined time periods, not on how much you have been using the platform.


Are the platform's features free of charge?

Most of the features that the platform currently supports are included as part of the service, at no additional cost.

We believe in providing a variety of smart, automated tools to jumpstart a fast, dynamic process – attracting quality applicants through social media.


What is the difference between Linkatch and other kinds of online job ads?

Linkatch covers all social media networks. It allows you to advertise a position in a way that provides the best information about a job opening – listing all of the relevant details on a smart landing page.

Applicants experience the employer’s branding all in one place. They get information about the company, about the position, and even about the recruiting manager.


Is it possible to connect Linkatch to the organization's automated recruitment systems?

Definitely. Linkatch has an API that is easy to implement, and which enables the best flow of information – from the moment a job comes up in the ATS system, until an applicant enters the application phase in the ATS system during the recruiting process.


Who is in charge of the integration of the platform with the organization's systems?

There are a variety of platforms that are already fully integrated. In addition, Linkatch has an API that supports a fast and easy connection – maximizing digitization of the recruitment process. Linkatch believes in automating processes and constantly is widening this field.


Can I stop the connection to Linkatch at any time?

Linkatch has a few tracks. The annual track is the most popular one, but you can also choose the biannual track or the quarterly track.  


What kind of data can I get from the system?

Linkatch provides a wide range of data to help us understand whether applicants were exposed to the job posting or not.

Today, Linkatch statistics show that for every 7 views, 1 applicant enters the recruiting process. This indicator enables the recruiting team to refine the advertising process and have an understanding of:

  • Whether the job is advertised
  • Who posted it
  • In which social media networks it was posted and when
  • How many people viewed the position, by varied sections
  • How many applicants started the recruitment process, and through which representatives


Can I connect Linkatch to the Careers section of our website?

Linkatch has an API interface that supports connection to the Careers section of a website and to ATS systems, in order to create an automated funnel for the recruitment process.


Can I connect Linkatch to our ATS system?

Linkatch has an API interface that allows connection to the Careers section of the website and to ATS systems, in order to create an automated funnel for the recruitment process.


Is it possible to connect Linkatch to an organization's mobile portal?

Linkatch interfaces with mobile, intra-organizational portals so the employee’s experience is immediate. Companies that have a mobile intra-organizational portal will be able to manage a Careers track, a referral track and an Ambassadors Program track.

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