get qualified candidates for open positions in your organizationf

  • g check simple & Easy-to-Use
  • g check highly effective tool
  • g check turn any employee into a recruiter

What is Linkatch?

Linkatch is an innovative, secured cloud platform for candidate recruitment through online communities and other digital channels.

It is accessible from anywhere in the world and can be used for campaigns, friend referrals, and sourcing through closed social media communities.

Linkatch collects data from social media channels and analyzes it, starting at the very beginning of the recruitment process.

A personal link for recruitment managers and employees allows you to know exactly where each candidate came from, even if the link had passed through many hands.

Step 1

Build a profile

  • g check Subscribe to the Linkatch platform
  • g check Build an employer profile
  • g check Whenever a new position opens, upload it with all of the details and images, to create a dedicated page for the position

Step 2

Share the page

  • g check Share the page link with other employees. You can do this by email, WhatsApp, using your organization's inner portal, or with our automated notification feature
Step 3

personal link

  • g check Employees who enter the system receive an identified personal link that they can easily share via any digital channel
  • g check Every personal link is attributed to its source (the original employee who shared it)
  • g check Potential candidates click on the link and land on a page about the open position that you built on Linkatch, where they can apply
Step 4

reward the employee

  • g check Once you hire a new employee who applied through Linkatch, you can easily attribute the success to the source, and reward the employee who shared the link
  • g check The recruitment team has access to a dashboard that displays a real-time status report about published job offers and available candidates