Linkatch is an innovative, secured cloud platform for candidate recruitment through online communities and other digital channels

Awesome Features

Notifications About New Openings in the Organization

With our automated notifications it’s easier and more effective to work with Linkatch.

Use this feature so that your employees get direct notification about each job opening on their phones and computers enabling them to share it immediately.

*To get notifications from Linkatch about new openings, an employee must first register and agree to accept notifications from Linkatch.

Awesome Features

Recruitment Ad Builder

Create recruitment ads based on your employer’s branding easily and effortlessly with the Linkatch recruitment ads builder.  You can use our template to save time and money, adding your logo, photos, content, and any other information about your organization that will make your ad more appealing and attractive to potential job candidates.

The recruitment ads builder even includes an application forms, so candidates have everything they need – all in the same place. In just a few minutes, you can create a top-quality recruitment ad that can easily be shared through social media.

Awesome Features

Recruitment System Integration

Linkatch can be fully integrated with your organization’s recruitment system. Each and every candidate that applies through Linkatch is automatically entered into your recruitment funnel so there’s no need to re-enter the candidate’s details.

You can manage interactions with your candidates automatically, and keep them up-to-date and in sync regarding their progress. Of course, all of the data collected through Linkatch stays in your database and is available for you to use at any time.

Awesome Features

Smart Recruitment Bot

Start the conversation with your future talent using advanced chat bot that can help automate and reduce time spent on high-volume positions. Linkatch Bot is an innovative platform that can allow to collect important information about candidate preferences, guide them to their dream job or even schedule an interview. 

With a simple and efficient onboarding process you can integrate Linkatch Bot to your career page, specific position or initiate a conversation after a candidate has submitted his CV. 

In the Features page I suggest the change the order of the items:

  1. Recruitment Ad Builder
  2. Smart Recruitment Bot
  3. Notifications About New Openings in the Organization
  4. Recruitment System Integration